Nuala Trading Services

Nuala Trading Services

Nuala creates a business structure based on main axis and strength the following points:

The current market situation represents the best scenario to enter the Spanish market, with over 3,000 companies buying directly or through national distributors at much higher prices than those provided by the international market.

The price gap between the two markets allows to obtain a benefit of between € 50 and € 100 per MT, depending on the product and customer.

  • Business structure

  • Product quality

  • Competitive price

  • High supply capacity


1- Innovative way of working

Global Customer management through our unique CRM, providing automation of all of the purchasing processes.

2- Customer support and advice

Provided by our sales team to resolve any doubts, setbacks or any help the client may need.

3- Experience contrasted

Highly experienced and skilled team in both technical, commercial and logistics areas.

4- Competitive prices

By increasing the level of trade and relations with the Asian and middle east markets, we can obtain much lower prices on the European market.

5- Products high quality

All products are of highest quality and come from manufacturers controlled by well known Certification Companies

6- Products catalogue

We cover all grade levels and specifications in PE, PP, PS, EVA, PVC, etc., and regularly incorporate new products into our commercial catalogue.

7- Security and reliability

Quality control in relation to the business with the inspection and verification of SGS or DEKRA, ensuring compliance with the sales conditions.

8- Guarantee supply

Guaranteed monthly and / or annual capacity to meet any purchase order despite of the ordered quantity

Nuala flow chart

Our organization chart defines a company with four main areas coordinated among them and automated processes. We will, however, increase our sales team in the mid term, reaching new european and south american countries.