We are the solution

We are the solution

Nuala FZE is a trading company with complete solutions for two activities: Construction (building materials, construction supplies, industrial consumables and machinery), and Petrochemicals “Polymers”.

Trust and value

We excel in providing the right products to all requirements of our customers. In addition, our customers trust and value our product knowledge and industry experience to provide the right solution and advice for them.

We sell directly

We sell directly and without intermediaries the entire range of polymers demanded in the Spanish and Portuguese markets, offering the best product quality in the sector, giving a unique sales and after sales service that sets us apart from any other competitor.

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The choice of manufactures is a key process for the development of our activity
Bureau Van Dijk

With all suppliers accepted after being verified through Bureau Van Dijk, information management company, it has been a priority to sign a contract that links us with them, so that we become an official distributor, in some cases, with exclusive character. We have contacted them directly or through a commercial office of the country.

Products Catalogue

Our catalogue covers two main divisions PE && PP though we also sell PVC, EVA & PS products:

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